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11-15 CBDAD 16-20CACBD
21. where 22.environmental
23. used 24.to
25. simply 26.it
27. leads / will lead 28. the
29. locals 30.but
31. On my opinion ... On → In
32. ... most exciting job ... most前加the
33. While I'm ... While → If
34. ... needs someone ... needs → need
35. ... do which I can ... which → what / all
36. ... my class live ... live → lively
37. ... be patient to ... to → about / with
38. ... and I'll never ... 去掉and
39. ... let themselves down. themselves → them
40. ... my dream of become ... become → becoming
One possible version:
The notebooks of top students in the Gaokaoare sold at a high price online. Our class had a debate on it. Students holddifferent views.
Some students are in favor of buying themonline. They think top students' notebooks are worth reading and can save themmuch time. Besides, they can make full use of the notes to improve theirlearning. In addition, reusing notebooks is also environmentally friendly.However, others don't agree. They think top students' notebooks are notnecessarily suitable for everybody else. What's more, students can rememberwhat teachers explain in class better if they take notes themselves.Personally, I insist on taking notes myself and not buying others'.

One possible version:
A survey on a low carbon lifestyle
Recently, a survey has been made among 200teachers in our school about leading a low carbon lifestyle. There are a fewdifferences between men and women teachers.
Compared with men teachers, more womenteachers prefer to walk or ride bicycles instead of driving cars when travelingshort distances. Compared to 65% of men, 90% of women teachers would rather goout to exercise than stay at home, watching TV or surfing online. In theoffice, 85% of all teachers use both sides of paper to save energy. To our joy,all teachers surveyed have the habit of turning off lights, TV, electric fans,air-conditioners and computers when going out.
The figures show a growing trend in livinga low carbon life. I'm sure more and more people will live a low carbonlifestyle in the future.
1-4 CBCA 5-8 DACB
9-12 DADC 13-16 CBDD
1. C。由下文中的thinking that they are too fat or too short可知,青少年对自己的身体缺点(fault)和过高的体重很担忧。
2. B。3. A。由本句中的computer-improvedbody images that are impossible可知,他们通常看见的是一些电脑处理过的很完美的(perfect)身材,而这些身材是不可能达到(measure up to)的。
4. C。由本空后的thinking that they are too fat or too short可知,这些信息让青少年相信自己过胖或过矮,故选persuade。
5. D。本空后that从句内容指的是女孩们对时装模特和名人的印象(impression)。
6. B。时装模特和名人有完美的体型(bodies)。
7. C。8. A。由上下文语境可知,许多男孩也把自己与运动员和电影明星作比较(compare)。如果他们自己的体形达不到这些人的程度,他们就会感到不满意(dissatisfied)。
9. D。由本空后的linked with depression, eating disorders可知,设空处应该指不好的(poor)体形。
10. A。本空与depression和eating disorders并列,应该指一些危险的(risky)行为。
11. C。本段中提到的overweight以及social isolation and even bullying都是男孩们遇到的与身材相关的问题,故此处指男孩们通常不谈及这方面的问题(issues)。
12. B。不谈及这些问题,并不意味着他们没有经历(experience)这些问题。
13. D。social isolation and even bullying都是这些身体过胖的男孩的遭遇,故选suffer from。
14. A。男孩们也会遇到与身材有关的问题,而父母和医生也许忽视了这一点,这对男孩来说是不幸的,故选Unfortunately。
15. D。由句意“他们通常只对女孩身上的这些问题很警惕”和“父母和医生也许忽视这些问题”可知,这两个分句间为因果关系,故选because。
16. C。这显然对男孩们很不公平(fair)。
17. A。帮助孩子培养健康的身材观念和树立自信心,对父母来说无疑是个挑战(challenge)。
18. C。由上句中的your teen可知,设空处指父母,故选parent。
19. B。由本空前的help和空后的thisdifficult time of life可知,此处选get through表示“度过”。
20. D。上文中提到青少年对自己的身材有消极的看法,故此处应指培养一种积极的(positive)自我形象。
21. where。考查定语从句引导词。设空处引导定语从句,修饰先行词areas in my life,且在从句中作状语,故填where。
22. environmental。考查词性转换。设空处作cost的定语,故用environment的形容词形式environmental。
23. used。考查非谓语动词。设空后部分作后置定语修饰term, 且term与use之间在逻辑上是被动关系,故填过去分词used。
24. to。考查介词。from ... to ... 为固定表达,意为“从……到……”。本句意思是“这些东西包含从电脑和手机到洗衣机和冰箱”。
25. simply。考查词性转换。设空处作given up的状语,故填simple的副词形式simply。
26. it。考查代词。设空处在句中作形式主语,代替that引导的主语从句,故填it。
27. leads / will lead。考查时态和主谓一致。根据句意“电子产品没有适当的回收利用会变成有害物质”可知,本句指客观事实,故用一般现在时;因为主语为单数形式,故填leads。设空处也可指可能会出现的情况,也可用一般将来时。
28. the。考查定冠词。worst是bad的最高级形式,且在本句中作part的定语,故设空处要填定冠词。
29. locals。考查名词的复数形式。设空处为句子的主语,其前有Many修饰,故填locals。
30. but。考查连词。根据句意“很多人靠处理电子垃圾产品生活,但是因为缺乏实践和法律保障,这将带来沉重的代价”可知,设空处句意转折,故填but。
1. C。细节理解题。由第一段中的I finally got my chance when I met someone else who loved thepainter as much as I did可知,Lisa也非常喜欢修拉的作品。
2. B。细节理解题。由第二段中的The first thing that struck me as we entered the room where thepainting was displayed was the size of the work可知,作者一进入展厅,就惊讶于作品的尺寸。
3. C。推理判断题。由第三段中的describing the happy and peaceful mood of a summer day in the park可以推断,C项是《大碗岛的星期日下午》。
4. A。推理判断题。由最后两段可知,从不同的距离欣赏这幅作品,它的颜色看起来不同。
5. D。推理判断题。第三、四两段是支持第二段的研究实例,这两项研究都表明久坐有害健康。
6. A。推理判断题。由第五段可知,久站的人容易患静脉曲张。理发师站立较多,应该注意预防静脉曲张。
7. C。推理判断题。由第六段中的but Hedge notes it will likely slow down typing speed and increasemistakes at work可知,Hedge对内置跑步机的办公桌持否定态度。
8. B。细节理解题。由最后一段可知,Patel认为最重要的是我们的身体每天要有较多的活动。
9. D。推理判断题。由第二段中的How this will work will differ greatly from school to school andstudent to student可知,学生在学习上会有更多的选择空间。
10. A。细节理解题。由第三段中的He also said a virtual program should not just be for high schools,and that it should offer a choice of schools to parents and students可知,Bell建议该网络学校应该能面向更多的人群。
11. D。细节理解题。由第四段中的Local schools will issue diplomas and ensure access to textbooks,technology and other things at no cost可知,当地学校需要提供课本等学习材料。
12. C。推理判断题。由第五段中的but certainly the trend in education is heading down this favorablepath可知,PhilGiaramita认为网络学校的教育趋势是正确的。
13. C。细节理解题。由Falltivities部分中的These half- and full-day workshops以及Winter FUNcation部分中的The museum offers morning and afternoon classes可知,这两项活动安排中都有上午课和下午课。
14. B。细节理解题。由High Noon Countdown2部分中的Bubble Wrap dancing and a balloon and confetti drop at noon andagain at 3 p.m.可知,在中午和下午三点孩子们可以参加该项跳舞活动。
15. D。推理判断题。由Pancakes With Santa部分中的Tickets are available for $30 for children and $15 for adults可知,孩子需要30美元,而成人则需要15美元。所以汤姆一家共需要60美元。
16. D。细节理解题。由The Original Halloween SpookTacular部分中的The restaurants there will be selling sandwiches, hot dogs anddrinks可知,参加该项活动的孩子可以不用自带食物。