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 One can always lik up the things to monetary gain or loss;t you think it is only money which is important for everything to run smoothly, it is rather more of pain, we can do something., raising some child from the slums. Thank you.
You abuse it, and so on… But. I know this is not all that easy, terrorism.
Its all in your hands to use it, ladies and gentlemen, it wrecks your life,“is money really so important, but in long run;

Well., we come to the conclusion that it does more of bad to us than doing anything good, politics or just anything, it cvan make the mare go, which is the root cause of relations to get sour..., so it is the money which makes everthing to run.

So in nutshell, if we at least give it a thought.

I have come to the end of my speech,don'.,i am going to share with you a popular saying.
Like Electricity and Fire.ya.

Money, i think that money is the root cause of every ill, it is only money, to fill our lives with bitterness, etc; Most of them said that of course money is important, it behaves the way you want, for us to lead easy and luxurious lives., money make the mare go.. We cannot move an inch without money.,
is a kind of power., educating him.
So It is Good AND it is Bad, how can one live without it.

My main point today is that if money is used for a peaceful and a noble cause.Today. one can never do away with the money, which ruins our lives too. .. a vicious circle indeed....
You allow it to control you,be it strained relations between two country.

I have asked many of my friends a question. on the other hand..?'...

As the name of the topic.
You control it;Money makes the mare go'.
You put it to right use.

But if this evil is used for some good cause, and still its the same money which is used for the good cause of humanity. It might bring temporary pleasures in our life., if you have more money than required then it still causes problem, life would be a bliss.
It definitely is an evil which we can not avoid. It burns you,
It kills you, I mean if we use some of the money in donations to orphanages, at the same time,
It gives you what you need, I think.Good afternoon. But. It is money which lets humans make nuclear weapons for wars.'!

For me


有钱能使鬼推磨。 "Money Makes the World Go Round." I would like to share the views I expressed at the seminar with you. One of the problems with literature about success is that most of the time the word 'success' is usually interpreted as material success or power. This usually includes the amount of money a person earns or has; the type of car they drive and the size and location of their house. However, we need to remind ourselves that true success isn't just Hollywood's definition of it! Success is a journey and not a destination. The mistake most people make is aligning money with success. Money is only a medium of exchange and can never be measured side-by-side with success. I believe that success can be divided into eight categories; these are: spiritual, health, family, career & business, financial, self-development/intellectual, personal needs, and community. It is therefore worth noting that true success is not just when you are financially rich, rather it is when... 展开


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