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s something breaking deep inside(在内心深处就有一些事情被撕裂) 
I tried to hide my feelings to keep myself controlled(我想收起我自己能够控制的感受)

But somehow I can'.oh baby;m with you(当我和你一起的时候)
No matter where we are or what we do(不管我们在哪里;ll never forget how romantic they are 我永远不会忘记他们是多么浪漫
but I know,明天我将失去我所爱
There't know how to stay alive(我不知道怎么样去活下去)
Without your touch without you by my side(没有你的感动,我们做了什么)
Tomorrow may be grey(明天可能是灰色的)
We may be torn apart(我们可能要分离)
But if you stay tonight(但是如果你今晚留在这里)
It't know where I belong)而我不知道自己归于何处
Just one last dance 再来最后一舞

French Kissing
But like a river always knows just where to flow(就像一条河总是知道自己将流向何方)
Now that Decemer comes I feel like coming home(现在冬天来了.just one last dance 再来最后一舞不好意思 只知道几首
Just one last dance
Just one last dance;s gonna rise 还有几小时黎明将到
tomorrow will come an it's no way to come with you 我无法随你而去
it's always waiting for the rain(就像沙漠在等着雨水的滋润)
Oh baby;s the only way to do 现在唯一能做的
Oh;s time to realize 明天的来临终告
our love has finished forever 我们的爱永远终止
how I wish to come with you (wish to come with you) 我多希望能对你而去
how I wish we make it through 多么希望我们能一起面对
The wine and the lights and the Spanish guitar 在酒和灯与这西班牙吉它
I'til the sun've been always on the run(我一直都在跑着)
So many different places,我希望这样圣洁的夜晚又会来临)

Everywhere I go and everyone I know(我去到任何地方,没有你在我身边)
Just like the desert't know where I belong 而我不知道自己归于何处
Just one last dance 再来最后一舞
before we say goodbye 在说再见之前
when we sway and turn round and round and round (When we sway turn around)当我们转啊转啊转
it'm drowning in salty water 我犹如在盐水里溺弱
A few hours left ', I wish the holy night would come again(宝贝;s deep inside my soul(但是我不能否认那些深埋在我灵魂深处的东西)
I't know where I belong(don't deny what'., having fun(那么多不同的地方,我也回家了)
It's Christmas in my heart(这是我心里的圣诞节)
When I',Baby
Just one last dance 再来最后的一舞
before we say goodbye 在说再见之前
when we sway and turn round and round and round当我们转啊转啊转
it's Christmas in my heart(这就是我心里的圣诞节)
I don'.:
Every time we say goodbye(每次我们说再见的时候)
There',亲爱的.;ll lose the one I love 但我知道,再来最后的一舞
We meet in the night in the Spanish café 我们相遇到那个西班牙咖啡厅
I look in your eyes just don'.;s like the first time 如同第一次那样
Just one more chance 再多一只舞
hold me tight and keep me warm 抱紧我让我感受你的温暖
cause the night is getting cold 因为夜开始冰凉
and I don't know what to say 我望着你眼睛忘记了言语能力
It feels like I', tomorrow I's like the first time(hold my tight oh my love)如同第一次那样
Just one more chance 再多一只舞
hold me tight and keep me warm 抱紧我让我感受你的温暖
cause the night is getting cold(the night is getting cold) 因为夜开始冰凉
and I don'.


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when a woman loves a man《当男人爱上女人》以下是中英对照的歌词了:)~~ when a man loves a woman, 当男人爱上女人 can't keep his mind on nothin' else, 他无法假装若无其事 he'd change the world for the good thing he's found. 他会用全世界来交换,只为了他找到的好东西 if she is bad, he can't see it, 即使她很坏,他也看不见 she can do no wrong, 她不会有错 turn his back on his best friend if he put her down. 他会背弃他最要好的朋友,如果他已爱上她 when a man loves a woman, 当男人爱上女人 he'll spend his very last dime 他会花光最后一毛钱 tryin' to hold on to what he needs. 努力维持她的需要 he'd give up all his comforts 他会放弃所有的享乐 and sleep out in the rain, 睡在大雨中 if she said that's the way 只要她说 it ought to be. 那是必要的 well, this man loves you, woman. 嗯,这个男人爱上了女人 i gave you everything i have, 我给了你一切 tryin' to hold on to your hot blood long. 努力维系你那珍贵的爱 baby, please don't treat me bad. ... 展开
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《From Sarah With Love》 歌手:connor sarah 专辑:green eyed soul [Verse 1:] For so many years we were friends许多年我们是朋友 And yes I always knew what we could do并且我总是知道什么我们可能做 But so many tears in the rain但是许多泪花在雨中 Felt the night you said感觉你说的夜 That love had come to you那爱来了到你 I thought you were not my kind我认为你不是我的种类 I thought that I could never feel for you我认为我不可能为你感觉 The passion and love you were feeling激情和爱你感觉 And so you left并且你如此离开 For someone new为新的某人 And now that you're far and away并且,即然你是绝对地 I'm sending a letter today我今天送一封信 [Chorus:] From Sarah with love从充满爱的萨拉 She'd got the lover she is dreaming of她有她作梦的恋人 She never found the words to say她未曾发现词说 But I know that today但是我今天知道那 Connor Sarah康纳・萨拉 She's gonna send her letter to you她送她的信到你 From Sarah with love从充满爱的萨拉 She took your picture to the stars above... 展开
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