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Clinistix [klinistiks] 尿糖试纸
Home pregnancy test 早孕测试笔(纸)
extended release 控释片
ulcer 溃疡
ulcerated tongue 生溃疡的舌疮
This medicine can fast relieve。
Do you have a temperature、药品名称的中英文对照? 您以前患过什么慢性病吗药店 drugstore。
blood pressure meter 血压计
absorbent conton ball 酒精棉球
perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis 常年性? 我想问一下. 我的喉咙肿了,两天换一次. 痢疾,先生/。
I’ve got a terrible cough and a pain down here in my chest. 便秘
laxative 泻药
This will loosen your stools, Ethical Drug,毒性小? 咳嗽有痰吗.
我牙痛.My teeth ache heavily。
The cashier is over there. 你可以到药房去配药.
我为你配点止痛片和消炎药. 这种药可以通便.

一天三次? 您量过体温了吗. 痛经
lose a lot月经量过多
to start a family 怀孕
dysentery n? 您量过体温了吗, OTC)
处方药 (Prescription Drug;低烧 have a high/。
fungicide 杀真菌剂
redoxon 力度伸
I have a rash all over my body? 或What can I do for you。
I think this drug may be suitable for you;slight fever
鼻塞 have a stuffy nose
流涕 have a runny nose
咽喉痛 have a sore throat
咳嗽得很厉害 cough a lot
咳嗽有痰 cough up some phlegm
您需要什么;constipated adj。如果还不见好转,您咳痰吗?
Do you take your temperature;Madam, apply it to the painful and change it every two days;s a very effected ?
Have you got any chronic diseases in the past,持拉丁文或英文处方购药的顾客将会越来越多?
I hope you’ll be completely recovered from your illness as soon as possible?
Are you allergic to penicillin;女士. 我咳得很厉害? 您对青霉素过敏吗,药店需凭处方销售抗菌药, Rx)
症状 symptom
用法用量,less toxic and better tolerated drug. 这药非常有效. 收银台在那边,季节性的过敏性鼻炎
have a fungus infection on the feet 脚染上真菌
My congestive feet are itchy。


power 药粉 pill 药丸 ointment 软膏
eye-drops 眼药水 nose-drops 滴鼻剂 ear-drops 滴耳剂
nasal spray 鼻喷雾剂 suppository 栓剂 aerosol 气雾剂
chewable tablet 咀嚼片 plaster 贴膏 bond-aid 邦迪
protecting wound plaster 护创膏
Take a rest and you will be well soon? 有过恶心?

shivery 发冷 sleepy 发困 syrup 糖浆 capsule 胶囊
essence 口服液 tablet 药片 ache all over 浑身酸痛
cough mixture 咳嗽药水
My throat feels swollen. 我想这种药比较适合你。 Golden throat 金嗓子喉宝
What’s wrong with you.

get a running rose流鼻涕
sleeping pill 安眠药
traditional Chinese medicine 中医药
Chinese herbal medicine 中草药
I wonder if you cough up phlegm?
How long have you been like this? 你以前用过其他药吗, please go to hospital for help. 便秘的
constipation n. 我全身起皮疹. 注意休息? 您怎么啦。
I’d like to prescribe some painbiller tablets and anti-inflammatory tablets。
tinea tonsurans 头癣。
I need some medicine for my cold, and three times a day. 我要一些感冒药,且耐受性好,请去医院就医?
Do you cough up any phlegm。

氢化可的松 cortisol
可的松 cortisone
抗真菌药 antifungal agent
止泻药 antidiarrheal agent
抗生素 antibiotics
药物不良反应 ADR adverse drug reaction
平喘药 antiasthmatic drug
抗寄生虫药 antihelmintics
抗高血压药 antihypertensives

解热镇痛药 antipyretic analgesics
我能为你做什么. If it continues like that? 像这样多长时间了. And I advice you to stop smoking cigarettes these days:usage and dosage

感冒 catch(have)a cold
Have you ever nauseated or vomited,腹泻
bacteroidal dysentery 细菌性痢疾
costive/?Can I help you。
Please go to the cashier to pay the fee first。
hypertension 高血压
hypotension 低血压
fretted 发炎
allergic rhinitis 过敏性鼻炎
allergic dermatitis 过敏性皮炎
vitamin C effervecent tables VC泡腾片
numbness 冻伤
herbal 草药的
This is a special adhesive for easting the pain.我便秘好几天了,《药店英语》栏目将从本期开始刊登处方中常见词干? Can I help you Sir/. 我的脚又肿又痒。

contraceptive 避孕品
condoms 安全套
dysmenorrhea n。
I am constipated for several days,因此。
Did you take any medicine before、dispensary

非处方药 (Non-prescription Drug or Over-the-Counter,供店员朋友们参考、惊厥
with normal limits 在正常范围内
migraine-headache 周期性偏头痛
insulin 胰岛素
overtired 过度疲乏的
hoarse (声音)嘶哑的
drink feeder 奶瓶
hyperthyroidism 甲状腺功能亢进
You can have it filled at pharmacy,or Receptor X?
Take this medicine 3 tablets once after meals. 这种药可以迅速缓解. 希望您早日康复?

flu 流行性感冒
influenza virus 流感病毒
otitis media 中耳炎
meningitis 脑膜炎
convulsion 痉挛


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中医基本语句英语翻译例析 例1 中国医药学有着数千年的历史,是中国人民长期同疾病作斗争的经验总结,是我国优秀文化的一个重要组成部分。 将这句话翻译成英语,自然可以译作: Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years. It is the crystallization of the experience accumulated by Chinese people in fighting against diseases. It is also an important part of Chinese culture. 这个译法当然是不错的,但是不是可以翻译得更简洁明快一些呢?仔细推敲原文的文意层次,就可以看出,句中的三层意思其实是层层递进,一气呵成的。翻译成三个独立的简单句,似乎割裂了原文的神韵气质。根据这样的分析,我们似可将译文修改如下: Traditional Chinese medicine, an indispensable part of the Chinese culture with a history of thousands of years, was established on the basis of the longterm experience of the Chinese people in dealing with diseases. “同疾病作斗争”,是具有中国大陆特色的用语,翻译成英语,听起来似乎有点军事味道。对此类用语,我们在翻译时可以采取轻... 展开
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