A nobel gangster是什么?小说吗?曾在地铁上看一个中年人看的电子书全英文的。

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A nobel gangster 名著里面的段落哦
你的意思是《A Nobel gangster》是某个名著里的一段?是哪个名著?
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Listen to the tape then answer the question below.

How did Hawkwood make money in times of peace?

There was a time when the owners of shops in businesses in Chicago had to pay large sums of money to gangsters in return for ‘protection’. If the money would(was) not to paid promptly, the gangsters would quickly put a man out of business by destroying his shop. Obtaining protection money is not a modern crime. As long ago as fourteen century, an Englishman, Sir John Hawkwood made the remarkable discovery that people would rather pay large sums of money than have their life work destroyed by gangsters.

Six hundreds years ago, Sir John Hawkwood arrived in Italy, with a band of soldiers and settled near Florence. He soon made a name for himself and came to be known to the Italians as Giovanni Acuto. Whenever the Italian city-states were at war with each other, Hawkwood used to hire his soldiers to princes, who were willing to pay the high price he demanded. In times of peace, when business was bad, Hawkwood and his men would march into a city-state and, after burning down a few farms, would offer to go away if protection money was paid to them. Hawkwood made large sums of money in this way. In spite of this, the Italians regarded him as a sort of hero. When he died at the age of eighty, the Florentines gave him a state funeral and had a picture painted which was dedicated to the memory of ‘the most valiant soldier and most notable leader, Signor Giovanni Haukodue’.


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