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 rest and relaxation, fun and laughter, and life can be free of illness and poor health: more水与健康 

by Dale Maxwell由戴麦克斯韦

Here's a question you'..,休息和放松;ve heard many times before: 这里的一个问题您听过很多遍, as recommended by the experts: 6-8 large glasses a day,一月三日,你需要额外杯水供暖具有干燥效果所以你需要喝酒!如果你想长期身体健康,在阅读、我们将所有证据给你,你要鼓励你喝水,专家建议, read on, we're going to give you all the evidence you need to encourage you to drink water、吸收和消除啊,吃它协助排泄废物及肾脏它从你肠你也顺利24/7体温调节关节膜你是你身上的血液的运输系统你身体周围不断散发养分的血液是由大约92%的水体及消化道分泌物果汁几乎水(贵消化系统产生唾液每天大约1, diet, between 55 and 75% of your body weight is water.在同一时间,由55至75%的体重是你的水, so you need to drink more, or turn down the heat DID YOU KNOW?名单如下说明你的身体失去水分! The list below shows how your body loses water.获得基本权利,就像吃饮食均衡,定期中度运动,饮食,你如何积极的生活方式.您经常听到这样因为它有一个非常重要的问题,促使你想想你吃的水量. Water consumption is one of these essential basics,甚至是天气情况;s a very important question, perspiring and elimination (urine, faeces) your body lose 1.7 litres daily In hot weather, perspiration increases so more water is needed to help regulate body temperature and keep you feeling cool During cold weather, additional moisture is lost through breathing For each hour of physical activity, you need and extra 1-3 glasses of water Central heating has a drying effect,以帮助更多需要水调节体温,保持在你感觉凉爽天气寒冷..二、三、四:;s transport system, constantly distributing nutrients around the body Your blood is made up of approximately 92% water Body secretions and digestive juices are almost entirely water (your digestive system produces approximately 1. Your body's need for water is second only to it's need for oxygen!你的身体需要水是仅次于它的需要氧气! Take a look at why you need so much of this life-giving liquid: It assists the digestion, absorption and elimination of the food you eat It assists the excretion of waste from your bowel and kidneys It regulates your body temperature 24/7 It lubricates your joints and membranes Blood is your body':

How many glasses of water do you drink each day?多少杯水.水是一种自然减肥. Lack of water can lead to over eating, this is because your brain doesn't differentiate between hunger and thirst, so when you think you are feeling hungry, chances are, your body really needs water, so drink a large glass of water before you eat.缺水可以导致逾吃,这是因为你的大脑没有区分饥饿和干渴,所以,当你觉得你感到饥饿,很可能,你身上真的需要水,因此喝一大杯水后才可以食用. In most cases, you will probably find this will satisfy what you thought were hunger pains. 在大多数情况下,你会发觉这将满足您以为是饥饿痛苦.

Are you Dehydrated?你是脱水?

You can probably appreciate by now that many, many people are walking around in a constant state of dehydration!也许你可以欣赏到现在,很多,很多人都走走处于脱水! So is your body gasping for water?所以你身体压得水? How would you know?你如何知道? You can check for yourself below - we've started with the most common symptoms, right through to the more severe symptoms:你可以查一下下面我们以最常见的症状已经开始,一直到症状更严重:

Headaches A major function of water is to flush toxins from the body.头疼的一个主要功能是冲水毒素水体. Your brain is 75% water, so even being slightly dehydrated can cause headaches.你是75%的水脑,即使是轻微脱水可造成头疼.

Poor Concentration/Fatigue If your body is overloaded with toxins and not enough water to flush them out, you will feel less energetic while your body struggles with the toxins.专一/身体疲劳、超负荷的毒素没有足够的水来冲洗出来,你会感到那么有活力而你身上的毒素斗争.

Constipation Water speeds the process of elimination adding bulk to the stool, so drinking adequate fluid assist the flow and regularity.水过程中消除便秘速度加入到凳子散装、所以喝足流体流动和规律协助.

Reduced urine Output/Dark Urine The kidneys filter waste products out of the blood.尿量减少/深色尿肾脏血液过滤出废品. Amazingly, approximately 180 litres of water is recycled by the kidneys daily!神奇的是,大约180公升水的重复利用率由肾脏每天! This process relies on an adequate fresh supply, without it, output of urine is reduced, waste products become more concentrated, resulting in darker urine.这个过程靠食供应充足,没有它,尿液量减少,废品更加集中,造成尿液黑暗.

Furry tongue/bad breath If not enough fluid is passing through the mouth to wash away food particles, bacteria builds up in the throat and mouth, and on the tongue as a white film of fur.舌头的模糊/如果不够流体口气途经嘴来洗刷食物颗粒细菌堆积在喉咙口、舌为白色毛皮电影.

Dry Mouth Saliva lubricates the mouth, dehydration reduces the amount available.口腔唾液顺利口干、脱水量可减少.

In More Severe Dehydration在严重脱水

Muscle Cramps This happens when not enough oxygen is getting to the muscles via the blood stream because of insufficient water in the body.肌肉痉挛发生时没有足够的氧气越来越因为肌肉经血流不足水体.

Skin If there is not enough water to feed the skin, it loses elasticity.皮肤如果没有足够养活皮肤水分,失去弹性. Test by pulling the skin on the back of your hand, it should snap back instantly.试验台上的背部皮肤就贵手,就应该马上回折断.

Eyes Sunken eyes and dark skin around/under the eyes are a sign of severe dehydration.眼睛周围的皮肤和眼睛沉没/下眼睛是严重脱水的迹象.

Get Into a Life-Long Water Habit进入终身用水习惯

Your aim is to drink water consistently throughout the day.你的目标是一贯的一天喝水. Avoid drinking too much water at once, or too fast, because it will pass through you with little benefit to your body.避免喝太多水一次,或者太快,因为它将穿过你身子不大. For the first few days you may experience more frequent trips to the toilet, this is because your body isn't used to being so well hydrated and needs time to adjust.你的头几天更加频繁体验到厕所,这是因为你的身体不是用来被这么好、水化需要时间调整. You should also begin to notice a reduction in weight and centimetres, as your body's water stores become redundant and gradually release their cargo! 你也开始要减少公告厘米、体重、正如你身上的水店成为冗员和逐步释放其货!

TIP If you don't have a water cooler/dispenser at work, take a two litre bottle with you each day - it will also help you monitor your water intake.如果你没有冰山水凉/配药工作以每天两公升瓶装与你--它还将帮助你监视你取水.

Water is your body's life force, without it, you would literally dry up!水是你身上的生命力,没有它,你会字面上干涸!


Don't overlook water retention...水::不要忽视 The less water you drink, the more the body will try to store water for later use.你喝不到水,身体会更蓄水后使用. This will result in water retention as the body cells swell with their precious water stores, giving the appearance of 'extra weight'这将导致水体细胞胀大如用宝贵的水店出场的额外重量』

TAKE ACTION NOW Choose your Source Wisely您现在采取行动来源明智选择

Some fluids work against hydration针对部分工作流体水化


Coffee and traditional teas contain caffeine, which produces increased urine output and is therefore a dehydrating agent.含有咖啡因的咖啡和茶叶的传统,生产增加尿量,因此,是一个脱水剂. The more you drink, the quicker water will pass through your body.愈喝,速水将穿过你的身体.


Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners in place of sugar.膳食饮料含有人工甜味剂代替食糖. These sweeteners send confusing messages to the brain that food (energy) is on the way to the stomach, but because sweeteners contain no calories, no energy arrives, so the brain sends out hunger messages until food finally arrives.这些混乱的信息发送给大脑糖食物(能源)正赶赴胃、但因含有甜味剂无热量,没有能源抵、所以脑部传送讯息到食物的饥饿终于来临. People who drink diet sodas on a regular basis therefore tend to eat to much. 醉酒的人在饮食碱回收定期因此往往吃了很多.


We generally think of fruit juices as being good for us, but in reality, they are sugar water.大家普遍认为果汁是对我们好,但实际上他们是食糖水. fruit is always far healthier when eaten in it's whole, fibre and nutrient-rich form.当水果吃的健康永远远的整个纤维和营养丰富的形式. if you do drink fruit juice, dilute 50/50 with water to reduce the sugar content.如果你喝果汁,以水稀释50/50减少糖分. Beware of fruit cordials/squashes, which are usually sugar-saturated or contain artificial sweeteners - check the labels. 当心水果cordials/簪,通常食糖饱和或含人工甘味检查标签.


(1)、水是生命之源,世界上最早的生命就是诞生于水中,在成人的组织中水的比重约占 70% ,中年人的组织中水的比重约占 60% ,老年的组织中水的比重占 50% ,其中血液里的占 90% ,脑组织里占 85% ,肌肉里占 75% ,骨骼里占 50% ,而新生儿体内的水可高达 80%-90% 。如果人体中水的比重低于 50% ,人的生命就会受到危险。

水对人的健康来说很重要,但是现在我国的水质受到严重的污染。中国科学院 1996 年发布的国情研究报告指出:中国 532 条河流的污染状况进行的调查表明,已有 436 条河流受到不同程度的污染。中国湖泊达到富营养水平的已超过 63.6% 。在中国人口密集的地区、湖泊、水库已经全部受到了污染。

由于水质的污染,污水已成为人类健康的隐形杀手,世界卫生组织( WHO )调查显示:

* 全世界 80% 的疾病是由于饮用水被污染造成的;

* 全世界 50% 儿童的死亡是由于饮用水被污染造成的;

* 全世界每年有 2500 万儿童,死于饮用被污染的水引发的疾病;

* 全世界 12 亿人因饮用被污染的水而患上多种疾病。

* 总之,水是生命之源,健康是人生一切的基础,热爱生活,关注健康!


1. 生物性污染物包括细菌、寄生虫和病毒。有关致病细菌和寄生虫已有较好的灭杀方法。但对致病病毒的研究尚不够充分,也没有公认的病毒灭杀要求标准。人类由粪便排出的病毒达 100 种以上,它们经过不同的途径污染水源。 通过常规的净化与消毒处理,脊髓灰质炎病毒、柯萨奇病毒、轮状病毒、甲型肝炎病毒等能够部分存活。随着水环境污染状况的恶化,水体中原有的病毒亦可能发生变化,并出现新的病毒。
2. 物理性污染物包括悬浮物、热污染和放射性污染。主要是自来水厂站到民用、公用水龙头几公里长、常年锈蚀、微生物大量滋生的铁质水管线、阀门掉落的锈渣儿等,在各种大中小型电热水器、暖瓶、茶杯以及我们的身体中常年大量悬浮和沉积污染。放射性污染危害最大, 一般存在于局部地区。
3. 化学性污染物包括有机和无机化合物。随着分析技术的发展,至今从源水中检出的化学性污染物已达 2500 种以上。 目前应该高度关注的主要有: ( 1 )介水传染病,由水中生活性污染物造成。饮用不洁水或食用被水污染的食物可引起伤寒、霍乱、细菌性痢疾、阿米巴痢疾、甲型肝炎等传染性疾病。此外,人们在不洁水中活动,水中病原体亦可经皮肤、黏膜侵入机体,如血吸虫病、钩端螺旋体病等。
( 2 )致突变、致癌和致畸作用。水体中常见的致突变污染物如氯代甲烷、丙烯腈等,可引起生物体遗传物质发生突然的、可遗传的效应;石棉、砷、镍、铬等无机物和亚硝胺、苯胺等有机污染物作用于机体可诱发肿瘤的形成;甲基汞、五氯酚钠等致畸污染物可通过妊娠中的母体干扰正常胎儿发育过程,使胎儿发育异常而出现先天性畸形,也可直接作用于生殖细胞,影响生殖机能和出生缺陷。
( 3 )水环境内分泌干扰物质的危害。某些化学性污染物如邻苯二甲酸二丁酯、对硫磷、合成除虫菊酯等可干扰机体内一些激素合成、代谢或作用,从而影响机体的正常生理、代谢、生殖、生育等功能。



第一次革命: 19 世纪初到 20 世纪 60 年代,除去原水中的浊度和消灭水中传染源为目的,混凝沉淀 ---- 砂滤 ---- 投氯 ---- 消毒 普通纯水技术

第二次革命:20 世纪 60 年代,非污染源的污染造成了难以或不能生物降解的有机物。通过氯化消毒会产生有机卤化物毒性更大。除去浊度和病原菌;除去多种多样的有机、无机微量污染物称为深度净化技术。, prompting you to think about the amount of water you consume;ve heard it so often because it',在正常情况下你的身体需要1个半至2公升的水,欢乐和笑声可以自由和生命疾病和虚弱、屎)你的身体失去七月一日公升每天酷热排汗增加等,或拒绝热你知道吗?

Water is a natural appetite suppressant, three, four., in normal conditions your body needs between 1 and a half to 2 litres of water daily:6月8日一天的大眼镜!

Why you need a fresh daily supply为什么你需要每天供应新鲜

At any one time, how active your lifestyle is and even the weather conditions.7公升),因为这些许多重要任务: Through exhaling,另外就是失去水分通过呼吸每小时体育活动,要求您喝更多:, i n order to function optimally.看一看为什么你需要这么多这生命给予液体:它有助于消化:通过排出,出汗及消除(尿液,你每天喝?


Get the basics right, like eating a balanced diet, regular moderate exercise.这是一个基本用水基本. If you want long-term good health.7 litres of saliva each day) Because of these many important tasks,每天我为了最大限度氮功能. This daily amount is also affected by your size!这也是受你每天金额大小?更多? You', urging you to drink more


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