Why is English education important in rural China?

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 people can learn English by many ways such as Education in the school. but in the rural placesfirst of all, I wanna say yes I agree with you that learning english is very important for us especially for the students in the rural places in China. But in the rural Places, there is no such conditions to learn it. 
As we all know English is the language for all the countries and if we wnna to go outside. So the only way to follow the steps of development is english education in rural China;t develop very well as some developed places, private learning from a foreign english teacher and communicate with foreigners to improve English, we need to learn it, they don. In some developed cities. We need to English education in rural china so that we can make sure the students can follow the students in developed cities wen they go to colleges or take part in the jobs


面试的话,我稍微整理了一下我的回答。不知道LZ面试什么工作呢?可能按照不同的工作回答也回不一样喔。我暂时就还是用了我之前的想法(虽然是说觉得中国农村还不需要学英语,可是按照你应聘的职位吧,是城市的老师还是农村的还是?) First of all, English is an important skill to learn in the world today as we face globalization. More and more countries have started to do business with China and in order to present ourselves seamlessly to our global business partners, English education would be a must. However I must concur in regards your question about how "important" English education is in rural China. No it's not important. Chinese or learning of new skills would deem more useful in terms of contributing to the development of rural China. Why do you need to learn English when you can't even speak, read and write your mother tongue efficiently? What is the use of English when, you can't even feed yourself? Thus English education, is more so of a luxury than essential necessity in rural China. Th... 展开
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Because English is good
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