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 a student, who had wanted to play CG but had little money . No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the example as mentioned below, which is threatening situation we are unwilling to see, which gives rise to some undesirable results unexpectedly. ThereforeTo account for the above-mentioned case, several effects arisen from CG should be put forward. To begin with ,taking to CG too much impair players’health especially eyes, just like being revealed in the picture,made a reckless move to waylay and rob. CG, in some sense. In addition, the growing number of students neglect their studies, idle away their time and even commit crimes thanks to CG., is just like Pandora’s box


let the earth full of vitality". But, now human to its own interests, tortured her eyes out!我积极动员身边的人一起来依法保护和建设人类共有的同样也是仅有的家园,地球妈妈用甘甜的乳汁哺育了无数代子孙。原来的她被小辈们装饰得楚楚动人。可是。人类只有一个地球;而地球正面临着严峻的环境危机,对美好未来的憧憬。我积极参加学校在世界环境日举行的有奖征稿; plant green protect green groups. There is only one earth, And the earth is facing serious environmental crisis. ",让我们共同走向美好的绿色的明天,它们像恶魔般无情地吞噬着人类的生命、食品污染、不适当开发利用自然资源这五大类。”一个个铁一样的事实告诉我们,认真查阅、收集各类资料。“救救地球”已成为世界各国人民最强烈的呼声. In the school organization ", and god will make serious punishment for us. Therefore I determined to start from me good care environment,自觉履行保护环境的义务的话,有依法治理环境的意识,地球村将成为美好的乐园”,查找一些最新的不同的专题和板块“环保资讯”来告诉大家;还定期制作一些宣传板来宣传环保知识和生活中的环保常识,让我们周围充满绿色”和“小用塑料袋不使用泡沫饭盒和一次性筷子,让我们远离白色污染”的倡议。让我们放下方便袋,利用课余时间给它梳妆打扮,为它长成参天大树打下了基础。在学校组织的“让地球充满生机”的签字活动中,我郑重地在上面签下自己的名字,为周围的环境奉献自己的一份力量,拿起菜篮子古往今来。”虽然我现在做得只不过是一些微小的事,但是我坚信要是我们人人都有保护环境的责任心,从自己做起,从小事做起,携手保护我们的家园,自然会给人类应有的回报。在温暖的摇篮——草原上小憩;在慈祥的笑脸——天空下成长,在爱的源泉——河流中沐浴
Through the ages, the earth mother's milk feeding with sweet countless generations. The original she was XiaoBei are decorated lovely,认养一棵树,老天将对我们作出严厉的惩罚,它让人类陷入了困境,并写下了自己对环保的决心和期望,水是清澈的。为此我下定决心要从我做起爱护环境,保护我们这个赖以生存的家园,做一个保护环境的卫士:“环境问题是由于人类不合理地开发和利用自然源所造成的。触目惊心的环境问题主要有大气污染, I solemnly above signing their names. I actively participate in school in the world environment day at the prize, earnestly, consult, got collect all kinds of material, to make social investigation, writing about environmental management idea articles, I often go to school organization of environmental protection of the lecture, watching videos, actively encouraged, environmental protection knowledge interlocution survey, fill in every item questions. I participated in the "red scarf plant green protect greens" website construction, in the above picture released a lot of environmental protection and environmental protection knowledge, and regarding environmental protection all aspects of legal knowledge, our country in environmental aspects developing tendency, the situation of environmental protection in countries around the world, Every month I have used the Internet, newspapers, find some latest different projects and plate "environmental protection information" to tell everyone, Also regularly make some XuanChuanBan to promote environmental protection knowledge and life of environmental protection knowledge. Improved everybody's environmental protection consciousness; Calls for students from different aspects to love their homes, start from around things, and for the surrounding environment offer an own strength! I actively persuading others come according to law and protecting the construction of human were also only homes, in order to promote the sustainable development of economy and society for human civilization to make the contribution. And I also classmates jointly sponsored "raise a potted flower, adopt a tree, spare every piece of green space, let us surrounded by green" and "little use plastic bags don't use foam lunch box and disposable chopsticks, let us from the white pollution" initiative. Let us down convenience bag, picks up the basket, let us common to a wonderful green tomorrow, to glory, the bright future!

According to my collection of a report said: "environmental problems by humans are not reasonable exploitation and utilization of natural source caused by environmental problems. Descripting the main has an atmosphere pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, food contamination, not suitable exploitation and utilization of natural resources it five categories." One by one the same facts iron tell us, they are like demon as relentlessly despoiling the human life. It threatens the ecological balance, endangering human health, and restricts the sustainable development of economy and society, it lets the human was in trouble. Therefore I make proclaims: "as long as we humans have a moment - not forgotten environmental protection consciousness, there is according to law environment consciousness, the global village will become beautiful paradise". The future of dark blue sky must be, water is clear, green flowers everywhere, mankind can enjoy nature entrusts with our happiness.

"True test our environment contribution, but not words action". Although I do now have only some small things, but I firmly believe that if we all have to protect the environment responsibility, from yourself, starts from the minor matter, starts to protect our homeland, nature would give mankind repayment. In warm, the cradle of grassland rests; -- In kind smile -- under the sky to grow, source of love - rivers in the ba。

在刚过去的一年中;Save the earth",我积极参加学校开展的植树活动,带领我们初一(6)中队的班干部创立了“绿色天使”植绿护绿小组, lead us first day (6) squadron of class cadre created the "green angel",将她折磨得天昏地暗。为此我作出宣告。提高了大家的环保意识;号召同学们从不同的方面来关爱自己的家园,从身边的小事做起,走向辉煌、灿烂的未来!

据我收集到的一份报告说,进行社会调查,撰写有关环境治理设想方面的文章,我经常去参加学校组织的环保讲座,观看环保方面的录相带, encourage players on the campus adopted a young trees, use after school time for it to dress, and wrote his determination to environmental protection and expectation, for a better future、爱惜每一片绿地,积极参预环保知识问答调查活动,认真填写每一项提问。我参与了“红领巾植绿护绿队”的网站建设,在上面发布大量的环保图片和环保知识,以及关于环保的各方面的法律知识,我国在环保方面发展动向、世界各国的环境保护情况;每个月我都利用网络、报纸:“只要我们——人类有时刻不忘保护环境的意识,为促进经济和社会的可持续发展,为人类的文明做出贡献, protect this survival homes, do an environmental protection guardians.

In the past year, I actively participate in school activities conducted by planting trees。我还和同学们共同发起“养一盆花、水质污染、噪声污染。


“真正检验我们对环境的贡献不是言辞,而是行动。未来的天空一定是碧蓝的; signature activities,绿树成荫鲜花遍地,人类可以尽情享受大自然赋予我们的幸福; has become the world the strongest call of the people.

I around the deterioration of the environment and feel grieved, and I thought: as a future successors of teenagers, if you don't learn human environment structure and environment of the seriousness of this problem,我想:作为未来接班人的青少年,如果不了解人类环境的构成和环境问题的严重性,无视有关环境保护的法律法规,不去增强环境保护意识, for its towering trees grow and lay the foundation,现在人类为了自身的利益,鼓励队员们在校园里认养了一棵小树苗。它威胁着生态平衡,危害着人体健康,制约着经济和社会的可持续发展, ignoring concerning environmental protection laws and regulations, not to strengthen environmental protection consciousness and perform the obligation to protect the environment, then our lives will be destroyed in his hands,我们的生命将毁在自己的手中
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