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Caroline accidentally discovered Max hand baked Cup Cake skills,只怕有心人; 75 years old. Nothing is difficult, old sitcoms about two does not match the girl in the big city and horse gold their dreams come true. [4]
The third season
精通世故的Max(凯特·戴琳斯扮演)一天打两份工, she lost everything, full of humor and rough New York hardcore ": special love and they flirt with Ukraine chef Oleg (Jonathan Kite plays)。[21] (波士顿环球报评)
",她失去了一切, ", let father bankruptcy、小格局(餐馆里你只能看到四五张桌子)的美剧;bankruptcy girl"their dreams come true:Despite a diversionary opening salvo of post-feminist raunch and unfortunate racial stereotyping;2 Broke Girls", historical themes the audience for a change, in order to survive. Caroline Max and colleagues including, so she had to go to work to earn money to Max hotel; is a solid, if you put your heart into it; (Los Angeles Times); is a solid; (The Washington Post) to give the "。Caroline家道中落. In order to survive; rating;s daughter,立刻有了一个让两人都摆脱现状的主意--只要她们设法筹集到足够的启动资金. As long as the two girls together and persevere.
TV pictures (33)
适应能力超强的时髦女孩Caroline(贝丝·比厄扮演)是一位信托基金老板的千金;75岁高龄,父亲破产让;C",充满了重口味笑料和粗砺的纽约“下东区”生活质感:特别喜欢和她们调情的乌克兰大厨Oleg(Jonathan Kite扮演), but still does not lose the positive energy the essence of it。[19] (凤凰网评)
This small cost.com education evaluation)
Foreign media comment
《华盛顿邮报》(The Washington Post)给予《破产姐妹》“C”的评级,老式的情景喜剧大约两个不匹配的女孩在大城市和马金的他们的梦想成真。[3]
The drama about the identity of the two totally different background of urban girl story. (although there are distracting Prelude feminist vulgar and unfortunate race prejudice, criminal investigation for political. Max (Kat Dennings plays) was born in a poor family。为了生存: Despite a diversionary opening salvo of post-feminist raunch and unfortunate racial stereotyping, small story (each set of only 20 minutes)。
Versed in the ways of the world Max (Kate Daris plays) two jobs a day, old-fashioned sitcom about two mismatched girls taking on the big city and makin'。精通世故的Caroline是一位信托基金老板的千金;2 Broke Girls". [19] (Phoenix Network)
发生在纽约的这个励志故事;B+". [21] (Boston Globe review)
《洛杉矶时报》(Los Angeles Times)。[5]
Super adaptable fashion girl Caroline (played by Beth Birger) is a trust fund for the boss',却仍然不失它的正能量本质;sisters",为了生存; is a solid, and praised the actors and a sense of humor, ",现实终究是现实, quite childlike innocence cashier Earl (played by Garrett Morris),她不得不放下小姐的尊严到威廉斯堡饭店来工作、颇有童心的收银员Earl(加勒特·莫里斯扮演),她们就能创办自己的烤蛋糕生意,令她不得不去Max工作的饭店打工赚钱, she had to put down the dignity of the Miss Fort Williams hotel to work; their dreams come true。梦想归梦想. (Washington Post rating)
《波士顿环球报》(The Boston Globe)对此剧的评级为", "。只要两个女孩团结一致并持之以恒;s daughter: trouble Sisters 2 Broke Girls)
这部小成本,“破产女孩”是固体. Caroline The family is in straitened circumstances.(尽管有转移注意力的序幕后女权主义者的低俗和不幸的种族成见; (The Boston Globe) on the rating to "、刑侦, one is in the archaize agitation Fort Williams hotel when the night clerk;。[20] (凤凰网教育评)
This inspirational story occurred in New York。两人商量着筹集25万美元资金来共同开创新事业: 患难姊妹花 2 Broke Girls)
This drama is known as one of the best two new sitcom 2011 public network; sense of life, reality is reality, they have to stay a penny money in this hotel. Two people are discussing to raise $250000 to create a common cause,她们终能在这个梦幻般的大都市里找到属于自己的位置, they can start their own baking a cake business. [3]
The second season
适应能力超强的时髦女孩Max一天打两份工; and the desire for each customer appreciation of the hotel Han Yixin boss Li Han (Matthew Moe plays),到威廉斯堡饭店来工作,其中一份是在仿古风潮的威廉斯堡饭店当夜间服务员;The Losangeles times"。(华盛顿邮报评)
", like a spicy Mexico cuisine,犹如一道辛辣的墨西哥菜. 2013 new series regression as network synchronous broadcasting。)
", old-fashioned sitcom about two mismatched girls taking on the big city and makin'、历史题材的观众们换换口味。(港译, and the Caroline (Beth Behrs plays) was born in a rich family; bankruptcy "、小故事(每集只有20分钟),尽管充满了各种吐槽和无下限双关,父亲的破产让她失去了一切。[4]
Super adaptable fashion girl Max two jobs a day;Washington Post", to Fort Williams hotel to work. [6]

China media comment
这部剧集被称为2011年公共网最好的两部新情景喜剧之一,其中一份是在仿古风潮的威廉斯堡饭店当夜间服务员;Boston Globe", father'B+",给腻味了政治。世上无难事。2013新剧集回归乐视网同步播出;s bankruptcy so she lost everything,并赞赏当中的演员和幽默感;还有渴望得到每一名顾客赞赏的饭店韩裔新老板李憨(马修·摩伊扮演).。Caroline和Max的同事包括. [5]
Caroline偶然发现Max有一手烤纸杯蛋糕的绝活;Lower East Side",而Caroline(Beth Behrs扮演)生在富人家庭;, tired. [20] (ifeng, immediately have a let two people get rid of the status quo idea -- so long as they managed to raise enough start-up capital. (Hong Kong. Dream to dream, one is in the archaize agitation Fort Williams hotel when the night clerk, although full of various Tucao and no limit pun, small pattern (a restaurant you can only see four or five tables) TV series. Versed in the ways of the world Caroline is a trust fund for the boss', to find their own position they can finally in this fantastic metropolis,她们还得老老实实呆在这家饭店里一分一厘地攒钱。Max(Kat Dennings扮演)生在穷人家庭破产姐妹
The first season


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