education is more important than life experience. do you agree?求500字essay 非常急啊,帮帮忙! 30

我同意阿,如果没有知识的话, 怎么会有那些科技发明阿和现在的发达生活啊
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 According to Marx theory the things in our real life are changing very time, in order to make us understand it easily. For example, because life experience is not less important than education. in the progress.

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Today。,举例子. We learned the basic knowledge and theory. Because the basic knowledge and theory can not be directly applied to real life, the education system is highly developed, the basic knowledge and theory are fade;t agree. What we learned in school is much simpler than real life,呵呵. For example, we developed the logic and the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. it is the base of our life. We can apply them in our work and daily life. I agree with that education is very important。,凑字数。,

But without life experience,for example,

Therefore education is as important as life experience. We can not tell whichever is more important than the other


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